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Choosing a "Pre-Loved" product from Parently isn't just about buying a product; it's about making a conscious decision to prioritize quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. Every item we offer has passed strict safety inspections and is integral to promoting a sustainable lifestyle. By incorporating minor, character-enhancing marks, we celebrate the uniqueness of each item, ensuring you receive only what you need for your child, exactly when it's needed. This approach helps avoid unnecessary purchases and supports a mindful community of like-minded parents.

Watch Our Refurbishment Process

This is how we refurbish all of our products in our warehouse.

1. Inspection

We start by rigorously inspecting each item for completeness, examining it for any signs of wear that need repair, and ensuring it operates perfectly according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This thorough evaluation is crucial to maintain safety standards and determine the steps needed in the refurbishment process.

2. Refurbishment

Our refurbishment process is designed to restore each item to its original quality. It includes disassembling (when necessary), followed by a meticulous cleaning process using only non-toxic, child-safe cleaners. After cleaning, items are reassembled and undergo a final inspection to ensure they meet our exacting standards of functionality and aesthetics.

3. Quality and Safety Assurance

Once refurbished, every item is subjected to a comprehensive safety check according to the original manufacturer’s guidelines. After passing this check, items are packaged in eco-friendly, durable materials and come with a warranty for added peace of mind. We also include a personal touch with each product—a hanger signed by the technician responsible for its refurbishment—demonstrating our commitment to quality and personal care.

Why Choose "Pre-Loved"?

Our "Pre-Loved" products offer a smart, eco-friendly choice by reducing waste and extending the lifecycle of quality items. Every purchase from Parently not only supports sustainability but also ensures that you receive a product that meets the highest standards of safety and quality—guaranteed to be "as good as new, only better." This is our promise to you, enabling you to trust in our products and our values fully.

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Common Questions

Renting "Pre-Loved"

Each "Pre-Loved" product is carefully inspected and meets high safety standards. We make sure they are fully functional, thoroughly cleaned and have a few character-enhancing scratches. Choosing "Pre-Loved" reduces the amount of waste and contributes to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. It's as good as new - only better, with a satisfaction guarantee. Read more here.

Delivery & Collection

Fast delivery all over Sweden in 5-7 working days, 3-day collection in Stockholm. You can choose the delivery date up to four months in advance. The delivery date can be selected during the payment process. Collect for free from our warehouse or choose delivery and return via a DHL service point for SEK 90 per order.


The subscription starts on the delivery/tagging date you choose, with clear monthly pricing. The first month's fee is deducted at the time of order, and the following fees are deducted monthly from the second month after the delivery/tagging date. Easily manage your subscription online.

Damage, Wear & Repair

Minor wear and tear? No problem. For major damage, we offer support and spare parts free of charge . Each product is carefully refurbished to ensure the highest quality for the next family.

Returns & Exchanging Products

For returns or exchanges , use your customer account or contact hej@parently.se for a simple process. There is a fee of SEK 249 for exchanges, which makes it easy to always have the right product.