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Subscription flexibility

We know that things in life can change. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time, even if you have signed up for a longer estimated rental period. We will settle any price difference when you cancel your subscription.

Subscription Cancellation Flexibility

At Parently, we understand that life's circumstances can change unexpectedly. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, regardless of the initially agreed-upon rental period. If you find yourself needing to cancel earlier than anticipated, simply access your customer account through https://login.parently.se/de/auth/login to initiate the process.

For early cancellations within the first 90 days from the start date (excluding short term rentals of <2 Months), a straightforward fee structure applies: you'll be responsible for the current Month's payment and a cancellation fee of SEK 300. This ensures you're not locked into a long-term commitment if your situation changes.

For example, if you subscribed for 18+ Months at a Monthly price of 8 EUR, but cancel after 13 Months, with the adjusted Monthly rate for 12+ Months being 10 EUR, you would pay a one-time fee of 13 times 2 EUR (total 26 EUR).

Adjusting Your Subscription

For those looking to adjust rather than cancel their subscription, Parently offers two convenient options. First, the flexibility to swap your current item for another that better suits your changing needs, with the Monthly cost adjusted accordingly for aNew price difference. Second, if the item no longer fits your space or lifestyle, you can return it directly through your customer account. In this case, you would only be responsible for paying the difference in Monthly fees for the actual rental period, ensuring fairness and transparency in your subscription terms.

Subscription Extension Options

Should you wish to keep your item beyond the original term, Parently makes it easy to extend your subscription. Your subscription will automatically continue on a Month-to-Month basis at no additional cost, allowing you to enjoy your product for as long as you need without aNew extra hassle. This automatic extension ensures you have the flexibility to use your items without the pressure of a fixed end date, aligning with our commitment to accommodate your lifestyle changes.

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Common Questions

Renting "Pre-Loved"

Each "Pre-Loved" product is carefully inspected and meets high safety standards. We make sure they are fully functional, thoroughly cleaned and have a few character-enhancing scratches. Choosing "Pre-Loved" reduces the amount of waste and contributes to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. It's as good as new - only better, with a satisfaction guarantee. Read more here.

Delivery & Collection

Fast delivery all over Sweden in 5-7 working days, 3-day collection in Stockholm. You can choose the delivery date up to four months in advance. The delivery date can be selected during the payment process. Collect for free from our warehouse or choose delivery and return via a DHL service point for SEK 90 per order.


The subscription starts on the delivery/tagging date you choose, with clear monthly pricing. The first month's fee is deducted at the time of order, and the following fees are deducted monthly from the second month after the delivery/tagging date. Easily manage your subscription online.

Damage, Wear & Repair

Minor wear and tear? No problem. For major damage, we offer support and spare parts free of charge . Each product is carefully refurbished to ensure the highest quality for the next family.

Returns & Exchanging Products

For returns or exchanges , use your customer account or contact hej@parently.se for a simple process. There is a fee of SEK 249 for exchanges, which makes it easy to always have the right product.