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"The service has been absolutely amazing. Even though I've messed up a bit, I've been treated in such a nice way that I wish I worked with these people. I get answers quickly and they do everything they can to make sure I have a good time as possible. Would recommend Parently to anyone indeed!"


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"Incredibly grateful for the opportunity to rent everything we need for our little ones here! :) we received great products very quickly once the order was packed and shipped. Everything was in new condition and nice and fresh with all accessories and instructions. Very happy with our Bugaboo donkey."


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"Such a great company to do business with. Always friendly and extremely helpful. I will rent all future items from them as I have accumulated so much baby stuff over the last 2 years and I find it such a hassle to resell. Nothing need to buy new or spend hours trawling used sites, just rent and return, all while helping to save the planet Highly Recommended"

Linda TF

via Trustpilot (translated from English)

"Fantastic service with quick responses! Such a smooth and innovative service, wish parently existed five carts ago🤣 Otherwise great product, smooth delivery and return. Can only recommend!"

Jovana E.

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Common Questions

Where can I find pram rental in Uppsala?

In Uppsala there are several options for pram hire. At Parently, we have a service specialized in the rental of children's and baby products. Our selection of high quality items is available for you to view and reserve directly through our website.

How long a delivery time can I expect for a pram in Uppsala?

We guarantee that your pram will be delivered to any address in Uppsala within seven days after the order is placed. Providing fast deliveries is of utmost importance to us, especially for essential baby equipment. Our passionate team works hard to keep this promise to our customers in Uppsala.

Where can I pick up the pushchair I have ordered?

You can pick up your ordered pram at any DHL self-service station, or you can choose to have it delivered directly to an address of your choice in Uppsala.

Is there a minimum rental period for the equipment?

Depending on the product, the minimum rental period may vary. Please look at the specific product to see the minimum rental periods.

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