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White Noise Machine

450 kr (Buy)


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A compact speaker designed for ultimate relaxation - offering 10 calming sounds, including white, pink, and brown noise, as well as womb sounds, to enhance sleep quality for both your baby and you.

  • Minimizes background noise
  • Ensures a secure sleeping environment
  • Portable for use on the go

Product Details

A wireless, portable, and lightweight speaker equipped with built-in sounds and a night lamp. It includes a USB charger and a silicone strap for easy mounting. No app or smartphone required.


This speaker offers 10 soothing sounds:

  • 3 calming white noises
  • 3 gentle, natural pink noises
  • 2 low-frequency brown noises
  • 2 relaxing womb sounds

Sound can be played at five different levels.

Silicone Strap

The built-in silicone strap allows for easy hanging on the baby hammock's crossbar or the cradle's canvas straps.

Rechargeable Battery

The speaker is charged via the included USB charger. Battery life per charge:

  • Sound only: 30 hours
  • Sound and light: 20 hours
  • Light only: 100 hours

Built-in Night Lamp

Featuring a comfortable and warm night lamp (3000 Kelvin) that can be easily turned on and off.

Timer Function

Includes two timer settings: 1 hour and 2 hours.

This is How Renting With Parently Works

  1. Select product and rental period.
  2. Select delivery date and address at checkout.
  3. Pay the first Month conveniently during checkout.
  4. We deliver on the desired date.
  5. Use the product as long as you wish.
  6. You can change products or cancel if necessary.

Why You Should Rent With Parently

  • Spare Parts & Repair Covered

    If a part breaks, we'll ensure you receive a functioning product - all included in your rental fee!

  • No Binding Period

    The rental period is just an indicator so that you can benefit from lower monthly fees if you rent longer. Return or swap is always possible!

  • Sustainability for website.png__PID:c776c060-870f-496f-a933-e70083e1e5a7

    Be Environmentally Friendly

    Our products are expertly refurbished, extending their lifespan by 3-4 times, significantly reducing waste and lowering the carbon footprint.

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White Noise Machine

450 kr (Buy)

A compact speaker designed for ultimate relaxation - offering 10 calming sounds, including white, pink, and brown noise, as well as womb sounds, to enhance sleep quality for both your baby and you.


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