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5 tips for a safe and wonderful car holiday!

5 tips för en säker och härlig bilsemester!

Lisa från Parently |

In collaboration with our partner Axkid.

Are you planning a car holiday this summer? Going on a lovely road trip is on the agenda for maNew this summer. A great opportunity to explore new idyllic parts of the country and spend more time with family. Here are five simple tips for both you and your child to have a safe, pleasant and memorable trip.

1. Always check the car seat installation

No matter how safe a car seat is, it won't work as intended if it's not installed correctly. Studies show that maNew child car seats are incorrectly installed, which can put the child's safety at risk. Therefore, check that the car seat is correctly positioned in the back seat and, if you use anchoring straps, that these are properly attached. If the straps are loose, be sure to tighten them. If you use Axkids Minikid, it can simply be "wiggled" in place as these are self-tightening.

For ISOfix seats, ensure that the anti-rotation bracket is properly fitted in the rear seat and that the support leg is in the correct position. MaNew car seats have an indicator that shows that the support leg is correctly installed against the floor of the car.

Most of Parently's seats are offered with ISOfix as standard to simplify for those who may only rent a car or use a car pool. Check out our ISOfix seats

2. Position your child safely and comfortably

If it will be a long car journey, it is important that your child sits comfortably and correctly in the car seat for optimal protection. Check that the headrest is at the correct height and the seat belt must be properly fastened over the child's shoulders. Also make sure that the car seat is in a comfortable but relatively upright position. Although it may look nice with a lying position, from a crash point of view it is best for your child to sit more upright as the forces in a crash are then spread in a better way, this also means that the car seat takes up less space in the car.

A good rule of thumb is that your child should be able to sleep in their chair without their head falling against the chest. On maNew child car seats, you can adjust the angle of the seat. If your back seat reclines a lot or is deeply cupped, a tilt wedge can help you find a good angle for the car seat.

3. Keep your child cool

Going on a driving holiday can be both fun and challenging at the same time. We can probably all agree that children can get impatient sitting in the car for too long on a hot summer day.

As smaller children and babies are more sensitive to heat stroke, it is therefore important that the child stays cool. Sun protection for windows reduces solar radiation in the car and slows down heating. This can be combined with sun protection that is attached to the car seat. Most covers for child car seats are made of Newlon or other hard-wearing materials, which often get hot easily and are not so comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

We therefore recommend using summer covers made of cotton, bamboo or similar materials that help your child stay cool and comfortable in the chair. A summer cover also protects against stains from ice cream, which is usually a sure sign of summer in the car and is easier to remove and wash than the car seat's own upholstery 😊

We offer a complete kit with sun protection, kick protection, mirror and baby-on-board sign, see here

4. Mess is part of the journey

Dirt and stains are part of family life. Therefore, use a thick and padded kick cover to avoid annoying stains and protect your car upholstery from wear and dirt. MaNew kick guards are equipped with a plastic pocket for iPads which can be a good pastime, but be careful so your child doesn't get motion sickness.

In addition to the kick protection, a good tip is to bring extra towels and wet wipes to quickly and easily wipe away small and large stains. Also don't forget an extra change of clothes for your child, can be good if/when the accident happens.

But don't forget that all products you rent from Parently are insured against wear, dirt and theft. Read more here.

5. Avoid your child getting motion sickness

If your child experiences nausea and dizziness, it is important that your child sits as comfortably as possible. To minimize the risk of your child getting motion sickness, there are a variety of tricks. The sensation of feeling motion sickness is reduced when you adjust the car seat to a more angled and relaxed position. It is also worth considering that your child should be able to see and follow the surroundings, here it may be worth thinking about where in the car the car seat sits.

Playing or using the tablet can trigger motion sickness. Therefore, avoid your child looking down, instead look outwards. Fairy tales and music are usually a valued pastime. It is easier for your child to become nauseous when the child has just eaten. Therefore, plan to eat smaller meals before you drive. Fresh air can also reduce nausea. Also use a rear seat mirror to keep an eye on the child during the car journey and so that you can get in touch. But if you drive yourself, the child should still not eat aNewthing during the journey.

We offer a complete kit with sun protection, park's protection, mirror and baby-on-board sign, see here

Finally - Keep in mind that young children shouldn't be traveling for more than a couple of hours straight when in a car seat, so be sure to plan for shorter breaks along the way and have plenty of patience.

Look forward to a nice summer and drive carefully!

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