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Are you planning a driving holiday with the family this summer?

Planerar du en bilsemester med familjen i sommar?

David Knutsson |

Are you planning a driving holiday with the family this summer? Here we share some tips that can help you along the way when it comes to thinking about child car seats.

Before the journey, it is good to double-check the installation of the car seat. It can be shocking to know that around 50% of child car seats are installed incorrectly to some extent. Of course, this number would drop if more people double-checked the installation of their car seat.

Another thing to consider is the position of the child when they are in the car seat. In addition to making sure that they sit nice and comfortably, you must also check that the headrest is at the right height and that the harness fits tightly against the body and lies straight over the shoulders. Currently, there are car seats with an extra comfortable position that offer a tilt function that can offer your child more comfort.

If your child gets motion sickness easily, it is important that they are allowed to sit backwards where they can look out the window and rear window. This can help them a little on the way to feeling better.

Last but not least, make sure to keep a cool temperature in the car. As smaller children are more sensitive to heat stroke, it is important to keep the temperature of the car in mind. Window sun shades help keep the car cool from sunlight, which can be a good investment for sunNew summer days.

We wish you a wonderful and safe car journey this summer.

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