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Delivery conditions



PARENTLY's logistics partner (the "Logistics Partner") delivers Rental Objects to the Customer. The delivery time is indicated provisionally in connection with the order. When the order is ready for delivery, the Customer will be contacted by the responsible Logistics partner to schedule delivery. Deliveries take place as far as possible at the time and to the place and address specified by the Customer. When receiving delivery, the Customer must be able to present valid identification. If delivery is received on behalf of someone else, the recipient must be able to show both his own and the actual recipient's identification. The customer is responsible for making it possible to deliver the rental object to the specified address and location. The logistics partner has the right to refuse delivery to the desired location if it may involve a risk of damage to persons, property or property, or if the delivery is not, according to the responsible logistics partner, possible or can reasonably be considered reasonable to carry out. PARENTLY reserves the right to demand compensation for the costs that arise if delivery cannot be carried out due to conditions attributable to the Customer, for example but not limited to the Customer not being available during the agreed time or at the place specified for delivery. The customer is obliged to check the delivered Rental Object upon receipt of delivery. Damages and deviations that are visible at the time of delivery must be notified directly to the driver or another party that the customer is informed must receive the information and noted on the shipping document. PARENTLY is not responsible in relation to the Customer for damage that occurs in connection with delivery. If the Customer wishes to make a claim due to damage that occurred in connection with delivery, the claim must be submitted to the Logistics Partner who carried out the delivery. The rental object is considered delivered to the customer when the rental object is available at the delivery location specified by the customer.

Duty to investigate.

The customer must immediately after receiving the Rental Object, and always before the Rental Object begins to be used, carry out the necessary checks and thoroughly examine the Rental Object. If the Customer discovers damage or deviation during the investigation, the Customer must immediately notify PARENTLY according to the conditions in point 2.11.


In order to be able to make a complaint against a Rental Object, it must be reported to PARENTLY immediately and no later than two weeks after the Rental Object has become available to the Customer. If the Customer does not comment on the condition of the Rental Object within the above period, the Rental Object shall be considered received in perfect condition.