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VĂ„ra barn klimat i samarbete med Parently

VĂ„ra barn klimat i samarbete med Parently

David Knutsson |

📣 We are so happy to announce our collaboration with the organisation "Our childrenÂŽs climate" (VĂ„ra barns klimat). An organisation that shares our values both in sustainability and our childrenÂŽ s future.

We want a better world for our children so therefor we add a step in our check out where users can donate a monthly fee to the organisation.
The role of Our childrenÂŽs climate in Sweden
  • We listen to science and stand behind researchers and experts in the climate field.
  • We do not take a position on individual policy instruments and measures, but on the basis of the major overall changes with our children in mind.
  • We are a driving force in the Swedish climate movement. Here is our common checklist for an ambitious climate policy.
  • We are the initiators of Our Kids' Climate, and an international platform for climate parents, which today brings together 60 organizations from 18 countries.
Quote from VĂ„ra barns klimat in Swedish
"Vi Ă€r jĂ€tteglada över att Parently erbjuder sina kunder att "runda-upp" för VĂ„ra barns klimat! SjĂ€lvklart mĂ„ste vi tĂ€nka om nĂ€r det gĂ€ller inköp av alla barngrejer som vi behöver nĂ€r vi fĂ„r barn –vĂ„r överkonsumtion tĂ€r pĂ„ planetens begrĂ€nsade resurser. CirkulĂ€rt tĂ€nk Ă€r grejen för framtiden!"
/Frida Berry Eklund, talesperson för VÄra barns klimat
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