We make your parenting easy.

Premium baby gear subscription from 49 sek/month.




Pay for what you use, when you use them.


No bindning time. Home delivered and picked up. 

Order today. Get when you want them


Increase Your Carbon Handprint, Not Your Carbon Footprint.


Parently collection

We offer new and pre- loved products you and your child/ren need.

To suit your lifestyle - when you need them.

Newborn bundle

We offer several bundles for both newborn and older children. 

All delivered. All insured. Flexible binding time.

fr. 649 SEK



Get access to baby gear such as strollers, baby carriers, car seats, baby alarms and more. Only pay for what you use, when using it. We deliver and pick up from your home. All in the name of circular use.

Delivery in one week or in half a year. You decide.


Become a user - not a consumer.

What we do?

All insured with wear and care.

All products are insured. We want you to use the products for what they are made for. By doing that also feel secure if an accident would happen. 

Don't store what you don't use.

65% of Swedes think that they own too much stuff. So don´t own. Get access and when not in need, we pick them up. Easy peasy.

Always new to you.

We offer products from premium brands - both new and pre loved. You choose. One thing is for sure, we guarantee that the products always feel new & safe to you.

Happy baby,

happy family.

By using Parently we can cut consumerism and get closer to our family goals.

Meg, Älvsjö

Mother of a fantastic girl


I think it´s brilliant to be able to change the products according to our families need.

Alexandra, Västerås

Mother of two


To have access to the products we need when we need them as a family is great.

Laura, Södermalm

Mother of a super cute boy


What you love will be loved again and again...


We're happy to work closely with some of Europe's leading brands who see the future we see and want to rethink the traditional business model.


A circular world where products are re-loved to extend their lifecycle. Instead of going to waste, components are preserved and regenerated into new products. Wanna join us?


join the circle!

Parenting made easy

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Do good for the planet by saving more than 130 kg co2 per stroller - as a start.

We want the future generation to grow up equal in a society where we see resources as loans and people as users.

As a circular user, you will not only get access to great products but help to lower emissions, get producers to develop more sustainable products and provide products for social impact projects.


Reducing emissions is one of our main goals. There are figures that show that to just 1 stroller has a negative climate impact when produced by as much as 130-200 kg of co2. By putting it in a circle use several tonnes can be saved on just 1 stroller.


We are proud and inspired to work towards several UN goals.


Malmskillnadsgatan 32, Stockholm län, Sweden

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