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Cocoonababy nest with extra cover

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For all baby’s sleepy moments

Parently offer this baby nest including an extra cover that we know might be handy.

Welcoming baby gently into the world, providing him or her with a comforting, reassuring, womb-like surrounding, Cocoonababy®, ergonomic cocoon, helps the newborn adapt to life in the best way possible.

In the slightly inclined, regrouped, semi-foetal posture, the child is soothed and feels reassured. 

Parently has learned that this has saved a lot of stress for parents and parents come back when they have a second one. 

The Cocoonababy® helps baby get quality sleep at nighttime and during day naps. It favours balanced development while helping to limit the onset of the most common adaptation difficulties which may bother baby during the first months. 

Cocoonababy is tested and approved according to EU-standard 2000164.
It can be used from birth until the baby can roll and change position, estimate 3-4 months

The Cocoonababy® helps to:
• Improve the quality and length of sleep.
• Limit reflux problems.
• Minimize the risk of flat head.
• Encourage baby's balanced development. 

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