All products are insured

All our products will be offered with an insurance that allow the users to live a stress free life as a parent, using the gear. The innovative insurance company, Omocom offer the optimal solution for a shared economy.

How do I get insurance?

You do not have to do anything at all; the insurance activate automatically! The insurance is

so-called mandatory group insurance and is valid during the period in which the rental is

valid, according to the agreement with Parently.

What is Omocom?

Omocom is an insurance distributor that delivers tailored insurance solutions. Omocom

cooperates with traditional risk carriers/insurance companies that take the risk. Omocom

has its own claims management team that handles claims quickly, smoothly and pleasantly.

When who and what does the insurance cover?

The insurance applies to Parentlys users. The insurance covers damage or loss of property

when the value of the property is reduced or has been lost. The insurance covers damages

and theft up to SEK 5,000.

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