Welcome to an easier parenting.

A world of access rather than ownership.

A world of sustainable use rather than consumption. 

An easier every day as a parent.

Parvel are proud to be a Parently Partner and you can be part of the test pilot.


Parently offer a circular subscription service  of new and pre- loved premium baby gear.

You as a user can subscribe to the products that supports your lifestyle and need - when you need it. 

Parently will deliver the products to your door* and pick them up again when no longer needed. *Stockholm County

Join now


Parently offers Parvel users in Stockholm County the possibility to join the 6 months test pilot program. A test pilot that should prove the concept with live users. We love to work with users to constantly develop.

For only 29 SEK/month you get access to a Parvel GO.

You will also get access to several other premium products like strollers, baby carriers, baby bouncers, running buggies, bike seats, car seats.

From brands like Thule, BabyBjörn and MaxiCosi. 


Psst.. for your eyes only, it´s still a test pilot and not open to the public.:-) 


Malmskillnadsgatan 32, Stockholm län, Sweden

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