Our Vision

Our vision is to educate, inspire and be part of the change towards a more circular lifestyle within baby products.  

Our Mission

To earn the lifetime loyalty of parents by consistently delivering solutions which support the upbringing of their children at each stage of their development.

Our Values

Enable parents to make smart choices easier and with satisfaction.

Build trust, integrity and transparency.

Provide a service which supports babies mental development, physical growth and personality.

Sharing best practices and commitment to change through circularity.

Changing behaviours: Reducing waste and making sustainable consumption the new normal.

Ensuring all products are safety ensured.


The Story


"This must exist already!" A question many of us have. 

In 2018 David attended an innovation dinner, around the topic of a circular economy. The evening was spent talking about how products can become a service. During this time, David and his wife were soon to become parents, and so naturally, David's thoughts turned to ideas around parenthood. It was during this evening that a question popped up in David's head. "Is there a subscription service that offers parents' access to all the baby gear they need without buying it?" A fast search indicated No - so then the answer was: "Let's create it!"​ 

The following weeks later lying on a Swedish beach, afraid of going in the cold water, the name Parently was founded.

​In the end of 2018 Albin, David's son, and Parently were born.


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