We are happy to offer all of our products with a built in insurance. 

An insurance that are provided to both you as a user as well as partner to us. 

Read more about what it means to you:

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How do I get insurance?
You do not have to do anything at all; the insurance activate automatically! The insurance is
so-called mandatory group insurance and is valid during the period in which the rental is
valid, according to the agreement with Parently.

What is Omocom?
Omocom is an insurance distributor that delivers tailored insurance solutions. Omocom
cooperates with traditional risk carriers/insurance companies that take the risk. Omocom
has its own claims management team that handles claims quickly, smoothly and pleasantly.
When who and what does the insurance cover?
The insurance applies to Parently´s users. The insurance covers damage or loss of property
when the value of the property is reduced or has been lost. The insurance covers damages
and theft up to SEK 5,000. Compensation examples:

✅ A broken wheel on a pram
✅ Broken snap/locking device on a baby carrier
✅ Theft of a locked pram
✅ Crack in a baby/kid-car seat caused by an external event, e.g. dropping it by accident
✅ Walking chair where one or more of the wheels do not roll, as a result of an unforeseen
and sudden accident

What is not included in the insurance?
Damages that consist of normal wear and tear without affecting the property's function are
not compensated. Nor damages that can't be derived to the specific rental.
What is normal wear and tear is reviewed case-by-case and depends on the type and size of
the damage? Examples of what is not included:

❌ A 4 cm cosmetic tear on the pram convertible top that does not affect the function
❌ Child dining chair with food stain measuring less than 5 cm in diameter
❌ A car child seat with dried baby food-stain
❌ Sun-bleached pram convertible top

Where and when does the insurance apply?
The insurance applies to damages that occur during the period specified in your subscription
with Parently. The insurance is valid in all Nordic countries.

What about prams/strollers?
Stroller insurance is included for everyone who rents a stroller from Parently. Strollers
always need to be locked with approved locks, which is at least an ordinary hose lock or wire
with a padlock. If you are unsure of what is supported, read more here or contact Omocom´s claims team.
If something happens to your pram, your regular home insurance is used first, and Omocom
bears the cost of the deductible. Always contact Omocom´s claims team first, and they will
help you further and guide you through all the steps in this.

There´s been a theft or accident, what do I do now?
Damage or theft is reported via Omocom´s damage report form as soon as possible after the damage is discovered.
If something needs to be supplemented, Omocom´s claims adjuster will contact you for
supplementation. Compensation can be made through repairs, replacement (replacement of
equivalent property) or in cash.

Omocom can be reached by phone (08-520 278 70, button choice 1 for Damage Questions)
and via the chat available on, on weekdays at least between 09.00-17.00.

Other things about the insurance that can be good to know
In Omocom´s Help Center there is a section for tenants with useful information in both
Swedish and English, links here:

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