How it works?

Parently provides access to new and pre-loved products when users need them.


Remove them when they are no longer needed and fully recondition and safety check ready for the next family.


Ensuring that all our products stay within the circular ecosystem.


From the comfort of your home you can select: 

  1. Do you want a new product or a pre-loved product (reused). The pre-loved product will have a lower monthly fee. 

  2. What you need and the design you want to have

  3. What subscription period you want. F.e
    6 months for a baby sling and 24 months for a baby car seat

    You can choose between:
    Open subscription, 6 months, 12 months or 24 months.
    Any other on requests

  4. At what time do you wish the delivery. From 2 weeks from now or 6 months from now. We´re here to make your life a bit moreflexible 


Before checking out you select what kind of delivery you would like to have. If personal delivery to your home you can select a time slot morning, lunch, afternoon or evening. The products will then be delivered to you without any unnecessary packing material. 


Use your products as they should be used without any worries. We know that children are sometimes a bit messy and sometimes doesn´t like to ride in a car or want to escape from a stroller by biting the safety bar. This is what they do and we expect this. 

We expect you as a user to take good care of the products but if anything should happen, you are covered with our insurance.



If you would like or need to change anything during the subscription we would be happy to help. Your child hates the baby sling, doesn´t use the bassinet for the stroller anymore or have outgrown the car seats. We will be there to swap the products or just remove them.


Depending on your delivery choice we will come to your house and pick them up or ask you to deliver them back to us via post. 

A product from Parently should always feel NEW to you. No matter if it is new or pre-loved. 

Read more about it below.

Safer 2/3/4nd hand market

Re:use, Re:share, Re:build, Re:make

Everything we do is to move towards our vision, to close the circular loop for the our products and win the trust of our users, to use Pre-loved products with ease and no worries.



All products that leaves our warehouse - are coming back to us. In our recond- center we have designed several workflows for our different products. Here we safety check, clean, fix, upscale and totally refurbish the products before they are offered to the next user. 

If not ok, they will be sent back to our producers or in our facilities be recycled. 

Car seats

Car seats are there to protect your little ones and at the same time provide a comfortable ride in your car or if your family is part of a car sharing service. 

We have put together a program together with the producers to offer a longer and safer use of pre-loved car seats. Read about what we do.

Order today, get the delivery in 2 weeks or 6 months, you decide.

We are a full-service provider and work closely with our partners to create the best user experience.  

So therefor you can without stress order your products way in advance, and check the box on baby gear. 

Any questions give us a call, use the chat function or send us an email.

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