Welcome to Parently

Parenting made easy


Our vision is to educate, inspire and be part of the change towards a more circular lifestyle within baby products. 


To earn the lifetime loyalty of parents by consistently delivering solutions which support the upbringing of their children at each stage of their development. 


  • Enable parents to make smart choices easier and with satisfaction.

  • Build trust, integrity and transparency 

  • Provide a service which supports babies mental development, physical growth and personality. 

  • Sharing best practices and commitment to change through circularity.

  • Changing behaviours: Reducing waste and making sustainable consumption the new normal

  • Ensuring all products are safety ensured.



"This must exist already!" A question many of us have. 


In 2018 David attended an innovation dinner, around the topic of a circular economy. The evening was spent talking about how products can become a service. During this time, David and his wife were soon to become parents, and so naturally, David's thoughts turned to ideas around parenthood. It was during this evening that a question popped up in David's head. "Is there a subscription service that offers parents' access to all the baby gear they need without buying it?" A fast search indicated No - so then the answer was: "Let's create it!"​

The following weeks later lying on a Swedish beach, afraid of going in the cold water, the name Parently was founded.

​In 2019 Albin, David's son, and Parently were born.


Parently have been selected to the Plus Impact Accelerator Program, by Danske Bank in cooperation with WeWork Labs & RISE.

Over 100 Nordic Circular start ups applied to be part of the boot camp. 26 got the opportunity to pitch. Parentlys is honoured to be 1 of 10 start ups that are moving in to WeWork Labs in the Autumn of 2020. 

This means that we can be better faster - in our journey to make parenting easy.